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Submit your documents

Welcome to Humanity Auxilium! We are very excited that you are interested in participating in a medical mission! It will truly help make a difference in the lives of those living there.

Medical Mission Trip

Change a life today through an experience of a lifetime.

We are always looking for medical professionals and dedicated volunteers to join our team. The more specialties, services, and expertise we are able to provide to various communities, the better! Sound like you could be a good fit? Reach out to use today!

Please make sure to read the FAQs and fill out the waiver form. You can submit it at:

Submit your documents

Please fill out the following form with all the necessary documents. Here you will submit the above documents along with the following supporting documents:

  • Passport copy (Valid for at least 6 months)

  • Myanmar visa copy once you receive it

  • Signed HA waiver form

  • MD certificate copy

  • Practicing License copy

  • Malpractice Insurance Copy

FAQ for Volunteers

  • What kind of physician volunteers are needed for mission on the ground?
    We need physicians of all specialties especially Emergency Physicians, Family Doctors, Surgeons, Psychiatrists, Obstetricians & Gynecologists, Radiologists, Endocrinologists, Internists, and Dermatologists.
  • What other specialties are needed?
    We also need Nurses, Physiotherapists, Midwives, Psychologists, and Respiratory Therapists.
  • What are the minimum and maximum number of weeks needed to volunteer?
    There is no maximum number of months that one can volunteer as the need of the people are ongoing. But, for most of our mission trips at least a 2 week commitment is likely.
  • Is it safe?
    Yes, thus far the NGO volunteers have not had any concerns regarding safety in past trips, however, we cannot guarantee one’s safety as situations may get volatile depending on location. Our local physician coordinator and our expert local driver will be with the volunteers at all times and will always guide them during the mission to ensure utmost safety. It is mandatory for the volunteers to wear the Humanity Auxilium vest and badge at all times.
  • Can volunteers take pictures with and/or interview patients?
    Yes, but with permission from the patients. We want you to understand the depth of the crisis in order to serve this population better and advocate on their behalf, hence, it will be ideal if they told you their own story in their own words.
  • Should volunteers bring their own medication for personal use?
    Yes, please bring ample supply of your own prescribed medication. It is ideal to carry the following during travel but not mandatory. Gravol, peptobismol, tums, immodium, restoralax, polysporin cream and eye drops, bandaids, probiotics, Tylenol, advil, and 3 day supply of ciprofloxacin. DEET insect repellent, sunscreen, and After Bite cream.
  • What if a volunteer gets sick?
    Volunteers might experience traveler’s diarrhea and if they do then, they will require rest and hydration in their respective hotel rooms. Depending on the severity and the illness, if needed, we will fly our volunteers out to the nearest hospital
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