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We are making the world a better place through access to healthcare and education.

Our Story

Humanity Auxilium is registered as a non-profit organization in Canada and USA, focused on serving marginalized communities globally. The organization was founded by Dr. Fozia Alvi in response to the Rohingya crisis in Burma in 2017. Approximately one million Rohingya refugees are living in overcrowded tent cities in Bangladesh. As a physician volunteering at the Rohingya medical camp, Dr. Alvi personally saw the crisis and pledged to return with more resources to ease the pain of thousands of refugees - the core motivation for establishing Humanity Auxilium. Five years later, Humanity Auxilium comprises a vast network of volunteer physicians with a shared mission to help those in need. Our organization not only provides basic healthcare and relief to refugees and victims of conflicts/disasters, but also works towards promoting education.

Our Story
Our Outlook
Our Mission
Our Vision

We envision a network of self-sustaining healthcare systems and educational programs that serve these neglected communities year round. Our goal is to lay the foundations for equitable access to healthcare and education for victims of conflicts. To this end, we are training local healthcare providers to supervise and carry on our mission in the local medical camps. We are also partnered with local charities working in the educational sector to fill in the much needed health literacy gap for thousands of children in Pakistan.

To provide immediate and impactful medical relief to marginalized communities in the world.

Core Values






Our Work

Relief through Healthcare and Education

Humanity Auxilium is committed to providing immediate medical aid to those affected by political, social, and natural calamities through its broad network of medical facilities from the Middle East to Asia. Our group of Canadian and American physicians, in collaboration with other international relief organizations, not only offer medical care to the victims but also educate the local healthcare community to develop a sustainable healthcare system that operates year round.

Recognizing the need for filling the void in children’s healthcare, we established Humanity Auxilium Teaching Center of Health (HATCH). This program is a collaboration between healthcare providers and schools to enhance children's access to healthcare through health education, medical evaluations, and construction of dedicated student clinics in schools.

Our Work
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