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We are making the world a better place through access to healthcare and education.

Our Story

Humanity Auxilium is dedicated to serving marginalized communities around the world. Our journey began in 2017 during the Rohingya Crisis when over one million refugees settled in densely populated tent cities in Bangladesh. Dr. Fozia Alvi established the first tent-based healthcare center in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. 

Since then, Humanity Auxilium has expanded into a large network of volunteer physicians dedicated to assisting those in need, whether in conflict areas or regions impacted by natural disasters. We are also building sustainable communities by promoting healthcare education.

Our Story
Our Outlook
Our Mission
Our Vision

We aspire to establish a program to uplift the most destitute communities in the world, and to foster long-term recovery and redevelopment. Whether it’s earthquake-struck cities or refugees fleeing from war, we hope to alleviate suffering in the ways that matter, as well as laying the groundwork for growth and self-sufficiency for those same communities.

To provide humanitarian aid —food, medicine, and general relief— to those in need.

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