Our Projects

Learn more about our projects that serve several different needs in marginalized communities around the world. 

Helping marginalized communities through dedicated projects

Our projects are designed to serve a specific need observed within marginalized communities around the world. Through our own experience and with consultation with local partners, we observe a need and work to fill gaps in medical aid, education, and general relief where needed. 


Rohingya Medical Camps

Humanity Auxilium medical volunteers visit Rohingya Camps in Bangladesh to commit to a medical assessment of the population there. 


Maternal and Mental Health for Rohingya Women and Girls

Many women face the prospect of giving birth in one of the largest refugee camps in the world. For those women delivering at home, options are limited if something goes wrong. 

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COVID-19 Outreach

In the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic, now more than ever before, we need empathy and compassion.


Orphan Sponsorship Program

Support the needs of an orphan today. Orphans need access to food, water, clothing, healthcare, and education.


Yemen Relief

Millions of people in Yemen are starving as two-thirds of Yemenis are hungry and nearly half do not know when they will eat next.

Image by Kuzzat Altay

Uyghur Relief

We need to advocate for the release of over 1 million Uighurs held in detention camps in China.

How do our projects help?

Our goal is to serve marginalized communities in a variety of ways. We hope to provide aid in a variety of ways that help improve the lives of people in need. 

Medical Outreach

Humanity Auxilium conducts a variety of initiatives that pertain to medical and health under this umbrella. Our approach to this cause is very much about how to make the biggest impact and make the best use of the resources we have available.

Food & Resources

Many of our projects include the distribution of food and drinking water, to not only help feed those in need but to also help prevent the spread of disease. 

Mental Health Support

Many of the communities and people we work to serve have dealt with extreme levels of trauma, which we aim to take into account in the design of our projects.

Our hope is to not just help others but to create sustainable ways to build healthy and strong communities that see a future for themselves. 

Education & Training

Education is one of the core avenues of focus for our relief efforts. We believe education helps empower the future. We invest in the education of children and orphans, along with medical workers in several different areas of the world. 


In certain cases, Humanity Auxilium may act to provide temporary and emergency shelter in times of crisis.

Shelter and safety are one of the most important aspects of what we do. 


We must continue to educate ourselves and others in order to influence positive and effective change. Advocacy is an important part of what we do in working towards a more positive future for refugees and other marginalized communities.