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Make a direct impact and difference today. 

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Changing the world.

Your donation today will make a direct impact on the life of someone in need. Every day, we are making a difference in the lives of others. Join us in making the world a better place.

Support our General Relief Fund.

Donate to the greatest need. By donating to our General Relief Fund, your contribution will be used to serve ALL of our projects at once or the one with the greatest urgent need at the time. These funds are incredibly valuable to protecting vulnerable populations following natural disasters, during conflicts, and so much more. Support the greatest need today.

Automate your donations today.


Fire Breaks out in Rohingya camps

Devastating news from Rohingya refugee camps – Their community is facing yet another tragedy as a fire breaks out in their camps. They have faced unimaginable hardship and loss with slashed budgets.
We need your help now more than ever to provide relief efforts to those affected by the fire.

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Earthquake Relief Turkey and Syria

A national state of emergency has been declared in Turkey and Syria following the devastating earthquakes that caused unprecedented damage and loss of life. The survivors are in a dangerous state, with no shelter or access to basic necessities during the harsh winter nights. An international call for help has been issued to provide food, shelter, and immediate medical relief. Let us come together to help the victims. Donate now — Save a Life, Save Humanity.

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Pakistan Flood Relief

Pakistan floods hit 33 million people in worst disaster in decades. We must stand up to help them. Our team has decided to step up at this critical moment and provide relief what we can. Humanity Auxilium is working now to provide medical relief, clean water, food and medications. We're also deploying medical teams to support the healthcare needs of flood victims. 

Rohingya Medical Camps

Refugees deserve healthcare. Humanity Auxilium medical volunteers visit Rohingya Camps in Bangladesh to commit to a medical assessment of the population there. 


HATCH (Children's Health)

Our HATCH project aims to provide medical aid to students in underserved parts of the world. Many of these students are orphans in dire need of medical checkups and support. 

Maternal and Mental Health for Rohingya Women and Girls

Many women face the prospect of giving birth in one of the largest refugee camps in the world. For those women delivering at home, options are limited if something goes wrong. 

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COVID-19 Outreach and Flu Corner

In the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic, now more than ever before, we need empathy and compassion for our refugee communities.

Yemen Relief

With more than 24 million people and 12 million being children, this represents approximately 80% of the population in need of humanitarian assistance. Millions are now facing extreme hunger. Two in three Yemenis are living in extreme poverty. Nearly half of the country’s children under the age of five are growing up with chronic malnutrition. 

We are delivering aid, supplies, and food to those in need. 


Uyghur Relief

Humanity Auxilium has provided nutritional food baskets to 450 families with the help of our local partners. We also started distributing hygiene kits and nutritional food baskets with the aim to target 635 Uyghurs families. These efforts are ongoing, but with so many people living in exile, there is a major need to support these people. 

Syrian Relief

Displaced Syrians make up about two-thirds of the 4.1 million people living there. Almost 2.2 million people live in camps and 1.7 million of those live in tented settlements in a war zone," says Al Jazeera. Many of the people living in these settlements in tents have lost or experienced significant damage to their shelters. 

Together, we must provide aid to the hundreds of thousands of families who are struggling.

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