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Dr. Fozia Alvi and Dr. Yipeng Ge treated hundreds of patients in Rafah, Gaza with your support. Please continue to be a part of our Gaza Medical Mission teams by donating to save thousands of life.

Dr. Fozia Alvi’s video interview with CBC host, Hillary Johnstone, on the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza after 4 months of Israeli military campaign.

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Dr. Fozia Alvi describes the human toll of the Israeli military offensive in Gaza in an interview with Anna Ferensowicz of Discover Airdrie.

Dr. Fozia Alvi and Dr. Yipeng Ge describe the civilian casualty in Gaza and urge for a ceasefire in an interview with Al Jazeera.

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Dr. Fozia Alvi explains how malnutrition and disease epidemic puts civilians in Gaza under imminent death threat in an interview with Yasmeen Serhan of TIME.

Dr. Fozia Alvi’s video interview with renowned Pakistani journalist and commentator, Zarrar Khuhro, of Dawn News TV.

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Dr. Fozia Alvi provides a detailed account of the catastrophic toll of Israeli siege on Gaza’s civilian population in a video interview with Pakistani journalist, Imran Hasan, of Express News.

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