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Pakistan Flood Relief

Pakistan floods hit 33 million people in worst disaster in decades.

From mid-June to late August, roughly 1,000 people have died from severe rain and flooding across the country, according to the country’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Heartbreaking scenes of devastation are emerging from all over the country as millions of people trapped in floods are waiting for rescue and relief. The disaster is brining widespread misery and destruction. People are worrying about being displaced, losing loved ones, and the spread of waterborne diseases. 

We must stand up to help them. Our team has decided to step up at this critical moment and provide relief what we can. We will share the fundraiser link shortly. Humanity Auxilium is working now to provide medical relief, clean water, food and medications. We're looking to hire local doctors to start medical camps in the affected areas. 

Humanity Auxilium to establish a field hospital in the flood-affected region of Hajipur, Rajanpur, Pakistan

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