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Yemen Relief

We are living in a world where an entire country’s regions are divided between either high or extreme high on a ‘food insecurity and hunger’ index. What is happening in Yemen today? Yemen is known as the home to the largest humanitarian crisis globally.


With more than 24 million people and 12 million being children, this represents approximately 80% of the population in need of humanitarian assistance. Millions are now facing extreme hunger. Two in three Yemenis are living in extreme poverty. Nearly half of the country’s children under the age of five are growing up with chronic malnutrition. 

We are delivering aid, supplies, and food to those in need. 

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What can we do to help?

Russia’s war in Ukraine is also having a negative effect on Yemen. The country depends almost entirely on food imports, with nearly a third of its wheat supplies coming from Ukraine. This is posing further challenges for the crisis unfolding in Yemen. 


We have a responsibility to our fellow human beings, who are facing the deadly impacts of one of the largest humanitarian crises globally. We must join together to showcase our moral responsibility, human decency, and acts of kindness and compassion to the people of Yemen. Where is the international solidarity with the people of Yemen? Together, we need to collectively raise funds to support the needs of Yemenis. They desperately need food. They need supplies. They need the tools to keep their families safe and healthy. At Humanity Auxilium, we want to do everything in our power to deliver aid to those in need. We cannot stand idly by while this crisis and mass famine devastates our fellow human beings. 

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