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Supporting the mental health needs of healthcare workers in refugee camps

We recognize that working with refugees in the frontline can be very challenging.

Humanity Auxilium is proud to launch our new #MentalHealth Support Line, which will be available to Humanity Auxilium's medical personnel and volunteers.

Throughout the #pandemic and in recent months, we've identified a growing need to support those who are working so hard to support others. It's been a troubling few years for our frontline health workers, who are on the verge of burnout due to the ongoing case load of COVID-19, staffing and supply shortages, and increased overall workload. We firmly believe that you cannot provide the best care if you are not taking care of yourself, too.

In refugee camps, medical personnel and volunteers have been dealing with their own set of challenges. In places, such as Rohingya camps in Bangladesh, they've dealt with an ongoing refugee crisis, while also battling misinformation regarding to COVID-19 and a lack of supplies and support to keep the population there safe. All of this can take its toll on healthcare workers in those areas.

"We all have felt burn out at some point in our life so as a medical professional, we can relate to what they are going through with rudimentary medical supplies and trying to stay afloat while treating hundreds of patients in the camps. They not only treat physical wounds but also absorb the trauma that each Rohingya or refugee or orphan shares." -Dr. Mohsina Chaklader, Medical Chair.

Our hope is that we can support those who are struggling during this difficult time. Humanity Auxilium's aim is to provide access for our refugee camps personnel and volunteers, to mental health and wellbeing support through a network of professionals. The Support Line will provide emotional support to colleagues, who are experiencing or are at risk of undue stress, burnout, or disengagement.

We will be identifying providers' needs and help them navigate tools and provide tips to help them improve and maintain their #wellbeing and mental health.

To learn more about this initiative or to access this service, please visit:

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