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Maternal & Mental Health Project

As violence erupted in Myanmar in August 2017, more than a million Rohingya people fled to Bangladesh and horrifying accounts of rape and sexual violence against women and girls emerged during the crisis.


Now, three years later, many women face the prospect of giving birth in one of the largest refugee camps in the world. For those women delivering at home, options are limited if something goes wrong, yet more than 26,000 Rohingya babies have been born in refugee camps and informal settlements in Cox’s Bazar every year.


Around 70 babies per day are taking their first breath in appalling conditions, away from home, to mothers who have survived displacement, violence, trauma, and at times, rape.

Our Maternal Support Program aims to support a significant number of expecting Rohingya mothers to visit health care facilities before and after giving birth. As well, our partners and teams in the camps will mobilize to inform refugees of their rights and options, including their right to avoid or delay pregnancy, along with providing nutritional and crucial mental health support during this process. 


Training for healthcare workers

On June 13, 2021, Humanity Auxilium's Medical Chair, Dr. Mohsina Chaklader organized an educational workshop for our Mental Health Outreach Project for Rohingya women and girls. Dr. Chaklader was joined by phsyicians from around the world who prepared presentations on various health topics, such as dealing with PTSD, to help train this group of medical officers, nurses, psychologists, and community outreach workers who are located in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Part of our mission is to provide impactful medical relief and training to benefit marginalised communities  around the world. We strongly believe that training medical and healthcare workers helps increase access to much-needed medical care and improves the overall level of care.


"Thanks a lot all of you for such a helpful, educative and informative presentation. Overall presentation was excellent."

Shahida, Psychologist

"In a word the workshop was awesome... We have learned so many things from the distinguished speakers."

Dr. Mosleh Uddin

"As a Physician, especially, I got more knowledge on proper drug management for mental patients. Special thanks to Dr. Mohsina for such valuable arrangement, also thanks to honorable guest speakers."

Dr. Golam Mowla Meem

"We are serving to Rohingya as a doctor to relieve from diseases, we don't care them for mental health properly. This workshop inspired us more to take care their mental health."

Dr. Rezvi

"I had training and knowledge on case reporting, survey, GAD, PTSD, etc. This training really helped me to remove some some confusing matter and made me more understanding to proper implementation."

Fabiha, Psychologist

'Lot's of renowned psychiatrists presented their valuable presentations. That was an excellent experience to me. Some unknown things [were made] clear to me by these presentations. I  expect this kind of programme will continue regularly with some new topics. Thanks a lot."

Dr. Shahadat | Medical Officer- AWARD HP

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