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Reigniting hope in flood stricken Pakistan

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Humanity Auxilium is a charitable organization dedicated to serving people in need around the world. Our founder, Dr. Fozia Alvi, began the charity after she witnessed the horrific and unimaginable suffering of the Rohingya in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh in 2017. She realized how desperately the refugees needed medical attention and decided to take action. As the organization grew, the team has focused on serving the educational, health, and relief needs of people all over the world.


Refugees Received Healthcare During COVID-19


Refugees educated during COVID-19 information sessions


Rohingya households visited by outreach teams

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We recognize education as the most powerful catalyst for positive change and progress. By empowering individuals with knowledge, skills, and opportunities, education breaks the vicious cycle of poverty and transforms lives. It equips individuals to make informed decisions, pursue better livelihoods, and contribute meaningfully to their societies. Moreover, education not only benefits individuals but also uplifts entire communities by fostering economic growth, reducing inequality, and promoting social cohesion. By investing in the education of impoverished communities, Humanity Auxilium seeks to create long-lasting change that transcends generations, fostering a brighter, more equitable future for all.

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Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental human right. By addressing the health disparities faced by underserved populations, we aim to improve the well-being and overall quality of life for those who are most vulnerable. Investing in healthcare not only provides immediate relief and treatment for illnesses but also lays the foundation for long-lasting change. Healthy individuals are better equipped to pursue education, economic opportunities, and social development, leading to a positive cycle of progress that benefits everyone. We aspire to empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to thrive and build a more equitable world.



Extreme weather events and natural disasters, which are growing more frequent and severe, have displaced millions of people, and have increased the need for emergency relief and aid to those affected. We are stepping up to provide services for those affected. We believe in the power of compassion and assistance during times of crisis. Our NGO is dedicated to providing relief and support to marginalized communities that have been affected by disasters. We work tirelessly to ensure that those in need receive the help they require to rebuild their lives and restore their communities. Our mission is to be a beacon of hope and support during times of crisis. We are committed to providing effective and efficient disaster relief to marginalized communities, ensuring their immediate needs are met, and helping them rebuild resilient lives.

During my time in the interior Sindh & Baluchistan, I was able to palpate the devastation, the helplessness and the bare bones survival of the neglected masses. For me it was a time of reflection about what value our faith assigns to the humanity of individual beings, and what it is that Allah expects from those of us on whom He has bestowed his affluence on. We can all benefit ourselves by continually appraising these principles of our faith not just during Ramadan but all year round.

Dr. Bilal Malik

Working in the flood zones in Pakistan was a rewarding and eye opening experience, allowing me to introspect both on a personal and a professional level. While the devastation I saw was heartbreaking, the resilience and support - from the community all the way to local and international NGOs - was heartwarming.

Dr. Warda Iqbal

I was blessed to be able to return & visit the Rohyingian refugees after 5 years, my first trip being in 2018. I am so excited to see the advancements of the clinics, the make-do infrastructure that is laid out compared to what I had witnessed before. Its clear, aid, donations and contributions have made improvements but we are still far from goal. The aid workers, medical staff are awaiting to soak up any advice, any suggestion to provide relief, to improve their circumstances. We cannot let world forget about the Rohyinga. There’s a palpable mercy blessed upon the the Rohyinga, the oppressed. It is this, that makes me want to keep returning.

Dr. Navin Gazi

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