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Changing the world one conversation at a time.

At Humanity Auxilium, we strongly believe in sparking conversations to help change the world. Creating awareness and dialogue is critical in helping marginalized communities around the world. The more people are aware and can connect with those suffering and in need of help, the more likely they are to step up and help. Together, we can change the world. 

Relief for Palestine (May 13TH)

We are hosting a webinar on May 13th at 1 p.m. EST for the Palestinian people who are in desperate need of medical support during this difficult time. We want to raise awareness and funds to help supply them with much-needed medical supplies, such as oxygen. We received a list of almost 2,000 items from a local hospital in Gaza of what they need. They shortlisted it later to about 800 critical items, so we can imagine that they need everything right now.  

MAY 2ND: A Conversation for Humanity During Ramadan (May 2nd, 2021)

On May 2nd, 2021 we hosted our annual fundraising event, where we had an intimate discussion with Humanity Auxilium founder, Dr. Fozia Alvi and our local partners. Dr. Alvi provided an update on the organization's current projects and the impact we've had over the past few months.

You can also watch it here:

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