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A 'Blessed Ramadan' from Humanity Auxilium founder, Dr. Alvi

This Ramadan, we ask you to join us in supporting marginalized communities around the world.

Dear all,

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. I can’t believe it’s been more than a year that we are dealing with this global pandemic. My work at my community clinic and long-term care has been very challenging in the past year, along with Humanity Auxilium’s growth and and new projects.

I wanted to reach out to you before this month of Ramadan and say to you “Ramadan Mubarak” (Blessed Ramadan). The values of Islam, of compassion and self-service to society, aligned with my views as a doctor, and this pushed me and my colleagues to assist our brothers and sisters fleeing genocide in Myanmar. It is written in our book, خیرالناس من ینفع الناس

I still remember the day when Humanity Auxilium was born in 2017, during a hot and humid day in a Rohingya refugee shelter in the camps. I can never remember the name of the girl who was wearing that filthy red dress, crying quietly and listening to the story of her mother; a story of horror and torture that no child or even any adult should ever listen to or endure. It was devastating for me to know that the small girl was a part of the whole story. Now, she has to live with her PTSD-ridden mother and thousands of other traumatized survivors of genocide.

Let’s use the time during this month of reflection to remember the innocent lives, many lost in the pursuit of safety and asylum, and support the millions who have been driven out of their homes due to violence and persecution. Let’s honour their resilience and stand in solidarity with them today and every day.

I want to say thanks to all of you, with your generous donations we were able to launch a successful COVID-19 outreach project in the camps, as well as everyone who stepped up to support victims of the massive fire which swept through the camps recently. We have also been able to start a mental health project to benefit Rohingya women and girls, which is so critical in supporting the Rohingya community.

I’m also excited to share details of our new HATCH project for children health in Pakistan.

Thank you,

Fozia Alvi


To donate to our projects, please visit our DONATION PAGE.

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