(Humanity Auxilium Teaching Centre of Health)

"Children are our future and by taking care of their health in their early years, we are going to have a big impact in creating a healthy society, and an even better world," says Humanity Auxilium founder, Dr. Fozia Alvi.

Our HATCH initiative will work alongside medical volunteers and schools to help improve access to healthcare for children by educating them and their teachers about their health, by providing medical assessments, and by building and supplying sick rooms in schools.

What will HATCH do?

  1. Screen children through medical volunteers who will visit the schools.

  2. Educate teachers to identify and assess medical needs, including how to perform first aid.

  3. Build and supply a sick room, which will be equipped with medical assessment tools and certain medications. 

Our areas of focus for education and care are:

  • Nutrition/ Healthy Diet 

  • Sanitization / Personal Hygiene 

  • Physical activity 

  • Mental health

  • Dental Care 

  • Adolescents/Puberty 

  • Basic First Aid

Our first HATCH is going to be in Kashmir, Pakistan. We are envisioning this initiative to be replicated in different countries. We are investing in children’s health — this will have a huge impact on creating a more healthy and balanced society in the future. We strongly believe that investing in the health of students will lead to a healthier and stronger future.